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Sergel is a leading credit management service provider with operations across the Nordics from nine different offices. We offer services throughout the entire credit life cycle and focus on customers in transaction-intensive industries such as communication, utilities, banking, and finance. Sergel was founded in 1988 and has around 360 employees and 850 customers.

We know that there are always two sides to a coin. And always a third way to solve a problem.

Creating opportunities for people and businesses

Trust in the credit market is fundamental in any developed society.

Without trust, every deal is complicated and opportunities are lost. A cornerstone in our belief is the idea that everyone that could be trusted with a credit, should be.

We go far in our work to enable buyers and sellers to meet and do business.

With passion and care we create opportunities for people to take chances and invest in or acquire things that are important to them.

With a long term perspective, we secure a working credit market with compliance, efficiency and innovation. We see potential.

We Care

We find solutions that are appropriate for all parties and create ways to maintain a longterm and profitable relationship between our customers and their end customer.

We value people for who they are and work hard to offer our employees an environment in which they can grow

We strive to maintain and develop our economic-, environmental- and social sustainability