“Customer insight, end-customer retention and seamless integrations are all important factors for our customers”

Customer insight, end-customer retention and seamless integrations are important factors in addition to high solution rates, when choosing a partner within debt collection, part of Credit Management Services. That is the key outcome of a Nordic qualitative survey performed by Sergel during fall 2020.

Having interviewed more than 50 decision-makers from a broad range of industries, it is quite clear that relevantdata and intelligence is highly valuable for companies offering credits to their end-customers. Access to data and securing a reliable scoring and risk forecasting helps companies define their credit policies and reduce their risk of losses, improving cash flow and lowering costs. 

Focusing on the customer journey,customer retention alsostands out as extremely important. This goes for all companies, but especially for those with high customer acquisition costs. Being able to re-activate customers, once their debt collection cases are successfully closed, can be done, if the collection process has been respectful and segmented. 

Last, but not least, it is very important to provide an effortless customer experience. A part of this experience is to secure the best way of solving the issue in question, whether it is through self-service, engaging via chat, email or providing a high-quality personal service. 

Today, many prefer to “do it themselves” rather than wait for someone to help them and it is therefore important to have a self-servicing set-up, which allows end-customers to easily and intuitively take care of their business whenever it suits them. 

However, providing the best service, not only means helping-out when the need arises, but also anticipating and addressing potential next issues, thus minimizing the end-customer effort.

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