Our fundamental belief is that everyone that could be trusted with a credit, should be. We secure a working credit market with compliance, efficiency and innovation.

Sustainability at Sergel: Integrated and Evidence-Based

At Sergel, sustainability is not just a policy; it’s embedded in our corporate culture under our guiding principle “We care.” We focus on environmental aspects as well as economic and social sustainability.

Commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are proud of our commitment to the UN’s global goals for sustainable development. These goals inspire and guide our work. We recognize that sustainability is crucial not only for our operations but for the entire business sector. By focusing on a range of goals (3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, and 16), we have made significant progress towards a more sustainable operation.

  • Economic Sustainability

    We understand the vital role debt collection plays in economic sustainability. A healthy economy is essential for informed decision-making and driving the green agenda forward. By ensuring that businesses get paid for their goods and services, Sergel enables these companies to continue providing products and services to their customers. This is central to maintaining economic balance and promoting societal participation for all.

    Furthermore, Sergel aims to be a leading player in the development of a sustainable credit market. By nurturing the relationship between our clients and their customers, we create value for both parties and ensure our clients get paid. We offer personalized solutions that make the process and payments easier for end customers. Through this work, we contribute not only to economic stability but also to social inclusion and the possibility of sustainable payment solutions for all involved parties.

  • From Words to Action

    Our journey towards sustainability doesn’t stop here. We continuously strive to improve and develop our efforts to make an even greater positive impact on society. For many years, we have created a comprehensive strategy that extends from recruitment and employee development to supplier policies and diversity initiatives. It’s about providing economic stability for our clients, building trustworthy relationships with end customers, being an engaging workplace for our employees, and maintaining sustainable operations as an ethical and responsible company.

    This requires an understanding of the critical importance of the human factor and involving the entire organization. We must not underestimate the power of people. Implementing change requires commitment from everyone in the company. By creating an inclusive environment where discussion and reflection are encouraged, we can leverage employees’ insights and experiences. It’s not just about implementing strategies but also about letting the team be part of the process and seeing how they can contribute to a sustainable everyday life.

Some of Our Sustainability Activities

  • We are certified and support the Science Based Targets Initiative. Through careful climate risk and impact analyses, we have formulated emission reduction targets for carbon dioxide and are working systematically and purposefully to reduce emissions.
  • We impose environmental, social, and GDPR requirements on suppliers and business partners.

  • We offer leadership training and workshops on our culture and sustainability for our employees.
  • We ensure competence coaching and training of our debt collection agents to deliver an individual, professional, open, fair, and honest dialogue with our end customers.
  • We work systematically and purposefully with diversity, equality, and inclusion through measurements, workshops, and e-learning.

Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence for a Greener Future

We are taking important steps in digitalization and AI to reduce our environmental impact and increase efficiency. By automating and digitizing our processes, including mail handling, we reduce our paper waste and carbon emissions. This transition towards a more digitized future is crucial for reducing our environmental impact and promoting more sustainable operations. Technology has the potential to help achieve at least 70 percent of the sustainable development goals. At the same time, we must be aware of and take action to ensure efficient energy use, especially considering that 20 percent of all electricity use is expected to go towards data storage by 2030.

At Sergel, we strive to lead in sustainability, not just through words but through concrete actions. Through our commitment to the UN’s sustainable development goals, our understanding of the central role that economic sustainability plays, and our investment in digitalization and AI, we are taking steps towards a greener and more sustainable future for all.

Sergel Sustainability Report 2023

In Sergel’s annual report, you will find information about our sustainability efforts.

Sergel Code of Conduct

Sergel’s code of conduct describes our values and how we strive to adhere to them.