Sergel values your customer relationships and cares about the individual

The debt collection industry has long been perceived as quite harsh, threatening, and intimidating. Sergel has been striving to change that for some time now. Through effective communication, personalized approach, and simplified processes, Sergel believes it is possible. That's why the daily work is constantly guided by the motto "We Care" – because we genuinely care.

We find ourselves in a time where it’s becoming increasingly challenging to pay and get paid, and where people facing payment difficulties are in a vulnerable situation. For Sergel, it’s important that individuals who come into contact with us are treated professionally and feel that we take their ability to pay into account. With Sergel’s experience and database of internal and external data, we know the best possible approach for each situation. This enables Sergel to make accurate assessments of payment capacity.

Relationships and the right knowledge
At Sergel, we understand that the focus must be on people’s payment behavior and the realization that different circumstances require different approaches. With that understanding, each individual debtor’s situation can be addressed in the best possible way based on their circumstances. The individual’s handling is also based on our understanding of the customer, resulting in satisfaction for all parties involved.

Many consumers experience difficulties in paying their bills, even though they want to. In dealing with these vulnerable consumers, Sergel’s motto is clearly reflected. Setting up installment plans is always the first option for us, and Sergel always advises people to start paying off their debts, even if it’s just a small amount each month. This is because Sergel sees no value in sending people to the Enforcement Authority. We always find a solution for people in debt.

In an effort to further enhance the human approach, Sergel has also established a collaboration with licensed counselor and therapist Sandra Jannas, who spreads knowledge and provides training to our staff. “We Care” is not just empty words; it’s a range of approaches that permeate the entire operation.

In the past year, Sergel has emerged as a challenger in the industry. Sergel’s long-term goal is to minimize the number of cases that go to the Enforcement Authority. Additionally, as an expert in communication and payment behavior, Sergel aims to help people achieve sustainable financial stability through tailored approaches. That’s why “We Care,” which is our guiding principle at Sergel, permeates everything we do every day.